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An unrelenting search for a cure is happening around the world with hundreds of lupus research projects in progress. Sounds like an impressive number right?  The fact is that many of these projects are years in progress, with many more years of research expected.  In the meantime, lupus patients need to find ways to live each day with as much zest for life as possible.  

With this daily need in mind, Lupus International provides you with spot-on views of the latest lupus news, chats with others who have lupus, information about new drugs (like Benlysta), plus research in progress from medical professionals, practical how-to information to manage your illness and day-to-day activities, family and care-giving issues, coping strategies, and special programs geared for tweens, teens and college students.

Lupus International also provides an undergirding of support for the medical community.  Bridge funding for research programs and contributions to pediatric rheumatology fellowships at highly regarded United States Teaching Hospitals and Research Centers are a few examples: UCLA, Children's Orange County, USC, UC of San Diego  and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Loma Linda University;  funding for novel treatments; hosting annual symposiums; participating in community events to increase awareness and education; hosting online chat forums with medical professionals and leading experts in areas of interest such as social security and disability.