Reverse Lupus

Although deemed as medically incurable, lupus can potentially be reversed by following certain methods

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is an immune system sickness that can affect different frameworks in the body. This incapacitating and once-in-a-while hazardous condition influences an expected four to five million individuals around the world. It tends to be a weight to the skin, joints, inner organs, and the nervous system.

Similarly, as with every single immune system condition, lupus is an illness that generally tends to affect the immune system framework. Your immune system is a refined instrument to recognize outside substances, for example, allergens, toxins, and even some types of food. On the off chance that your immune system’s framework considers anything perilous, it produces antibodies to avert the unsafe guests.


Lupus can manifest when your framework doesn’t effectively separate among interlopers and your tissues. Confusing your tissues with remote substances, your body turns antibodies against itself, unleashing destruction on your organs.

There is currently no specific treatment or health plan that cures lupus. However, one could utilize the following strategies to reverse lupus or reduce the extent to which it affects the body. They are as follows:

Maintain your gut health

Any autoimmune disease is directly affected by a malfunctioning gut. This is because the gut is the central part of the body that plays a significant role in the immune system’s working. To maintain your stomach, you should consciously take specific measures. That includes discontinuing the use of ingredients and food products that cause inflammation to your already sensitive gut. Food items such as gluten, eggs, milk and its products like cheese and yoghurt, etc. Also please avoid toxic substances like sugar, coffee and other forms of caffeine and definitely get rid of alcohol and narcotics.

Maintain your diet


Diet optimization can play the most significant role in improving your immunity. Include fruits, vegetables and other immunity building substances. Glutaneous food products can have an adverse effect on your health, particularly if you have lupus. Include organic foods, fresh oily fishes like salmon and grass-fed meat options. Including ginger to your diet is also a brilliant step towards improving immunity.

Test for and treat all infections

Since autoimmunity is a defining factor for someone with lupus, their health is vulnerable to other common infections with side effects that are more adverse than others face. Please check yourself for any HSV or EBV infections. Including coconut to your diet is an excellent way to eliminate infections.

Relieve your stress

Since time immemorial, stress has been the defining factor for hundreds of physical and mental disorders. For someone with lupus, stress is just another negative emotion along with the pre-existing pain they carry. Try to bring yourself out of stressful situations, consciously. If there is an underlying reason for which you are stressing, consider going to a mental health specialist as they will incorporate tested and proven methods that are subjective to you which could potentially make you feel better.  Learn more about Allofcraigs at


Lupus is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Since it doesn’t particularly have a cure, it is advised to utilize certain methods that reduce the impact of the disease on the physical and psychological being. Try to incorporate the above-listed strategies to better your health and always remember to stay positive and happy.


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